The Mustang has been a fan favorite ever since it debuted in April of 64’. An American Icon for over 50 years, it’s as American as apple pie.

Mustang has undergone many changes over the 50+ years of development, but no Mustang has come close to the new development of the S550 chassis that came out in 2015. This car boasts:Independent rear suspension, bold new body styling, and a completely new interior redesign.

With these updates comes an entirely new customer base. Young and old, drag and track, this car is capable of so much.

Imani has been a long time Mustang fan and has poured all of his love and passion for the brand into his own S550. Super-charged, upgraded 6-pot brakes, and completely refreshed suspension, this cars customization is not only an extension of the owners own personality, it completely compliments his driving ability as well.

Starting under the hood is the factory 5.0 Coyote motor with a 2.9L Whipple Supercharger. This engine is tuned by Carl at the Dynojet Research Facility in Las Vegas. Fitted with a 3.25 Griptech reduction pulley and upgraded injectors, this blower/tune combo adds a lot of power to the factory v8. So much in fact that he needed to upgrade the transmission to handle all of the power responsibly with a T56 Magnum Transmission that has been outfitted to properly handle this power. Not only is the transmission capable of handling more power, but also it also adds lengthened gears to increase top speed and throttle response off the line. Finishing up the drivetrain we turn our attention to the Mcleod RXT 1000 Twin Disk unsprung clutch that’s capable of handling 1000HP RELIABLY. Fixed to the back of the trans you will find a one Piece DSS carbon fiber driveshaft fitted to the factory 3.55 differential.  

S550 Supercharged

S550 Showing off the Whipple supercharger

With great power comes great responsibility. To properly harness the shear power of this 900HP “Hell-pony”, he has upgraded the front braking system to a 6-pot Brembo braking system secured to drilled and slotted rotors that has MORE than enough capability to stop this steel horse. Wrapped around these massive brakes you’ll find 19” Project 6GR wheels comfortability nuzzled within Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.  

Carrying this noble steed corner through corner is a 30-click adjustable dampening BC coilovers set. 7k front, 14k rear, keeping the S550 planted from take off through the apex. Poly bushing upgrade in all of the control arms, Eibach upgraded front and rear sway bars, and you can bet this “pony” will be overtaking you in the first corner.

S550 Mustang

S550 Mustang Soakin up the shot

I can’t express enough how well this daily-driven race car holds up to L.A. traffic and the race track. It’s extremely hard to keep a race car up to the standard of a daily driver but Imani’s take on the S550 has set a new standard for a daily driven, weekend warrior, and road performance vehicle.

Thanks again Imani, @rocketman5.0, for sharing your ride with us. If you need any S550 build help, look no further than Imani’s S550. You’ll be able to hear his Borla exhaust igniting the road with its distinguishable exhaust note. Not being a huge domestic car enthusiast, I can now safely say I have officially been domesticated.

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S550s going to the race track

S550 Pack

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